Luca Trevisani. 99 Fields: notes for a bibliography. SAN ROCCO 02 / THE EVEN COVERING OF THE FIELD, summer 2011

It was during a Medieval Art History class.
The image being discussed was that of Saint Jerome in the desert. As for myself I had always seen Saint Jerome in his study, surrounded by books, in the precise space defined by Antonello da Messina, more a man of the Renaissance than a Saint.
Here instead, the Saint showed himself just like a Saint would, as I had imagined him: alone, penitent, ascetic, far away from the joys and temptations of the social consortium. What I found really striking though, was the desert. The idea of the desert.
The desert was determined by a comparison with the town, painted in the background.
This is the desert, since it is not the city, a clear urban ensemble. If you are not within the walls you are in the desert, which does not mean sand, heat, Paris-Dakar, void, but more likely the negation of the town. And I also remember Saint Jerome in the desert, painted just outside the walls, as someone who’s lost the keys to his house and is waiting outside.
Just out of the city walls.
Not much changed in the end, considered how we escape from the city in the springtime and celebrate the coming of the season with a day trip outside the walls, Italian style, indeed.
Nothing changed since Shakespeare made Romeo saying: “There is no world without Verona walls”.
Well, I was born in Verona, I left it in time, and I can tell you that there is something outside those walls, definitely.
What follows is a selection of 99 episodes that happened there, in the fields, episodes that showed (and keep showing) us those fields… out of the city walls.

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